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Insurance Claim Myths

Here at All Claim Solutions, we encounter our fair share of Island policyholders who have a few misconceptions about insurance claims and adjusting. Below are a few of the more common insurance claim myths we encounter.

Myth: The Insurance Company's Claims Adjuster has the Final Word
This is untrue, but many policyholders take the claims adjuster's word for it and immediately accept whatever the adjuster offers. Don't do this. Get a second, or third, or even fourth, opinion! You will find that estimates vary and the last thing you want to do is find out that you have much more damage than you accepted payment for.

Myth: All Flood Claims Unless You Have National Flood Insurance
There's a lot of confusion surrounding flood claims. While it's true that most homeowners insurance policies specifically exclude flooding from natural bodies of water, you should still have Marco Island Public Adjusters evaluate your water damage claim. Depending on the cause, you may be able to claim the damage as a covered loss. And remember, plumbing-related flooding, such as a toilet overflow or a burst pipe, is usually covered.

Myth: The Insurance Claims Adjuster is Responsible for Finding and Documenting Insurance Losses
This is by far the most common myth we encounter. It's not the insurance company's claims adjusters job to find your losses. The claims adjuster's job is to confirm your losses. That's a big difference. The policyholder, or the policyholder's representative such as All Claim Solutions, is responsible for claiming and proving any losses. From there, the insurance company's claims adjuster needs to verify and estimate the loss. The claim will either be confirmed or denied. If confirmed, a settlement will be offered.

Myth: Once an Insurance Claim has been Denied, There's Nothing You Can Do About It
Wrong! Please get a second opinion if your claim has been denied in whole or in part. Marco Island Public Adjusters will evaluate the claim and the reasons for the denial. We'll then look for ways to get your claim approved. Sometimes it's a simple matter of providing documentation. Other times, we may have to file the claim under a different portion of the policy. Other times, the value of the initial claim may come in under the deductible. If this is the case, we will look to see if the value is accurate and search for additional losses.

All Claim Solutions serves policyholders, not insurance companies. Get a second opinion and let a professional public adjuster manage your claim. Contact us today to learn more.