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What You May Not Realize about Settling Florida Insurance Claims

"How hard can it possibly be?" you think. "The insurance company will send someone out and cut me a check."

Indeed, the insurance company will send a claims adjuster out to your island property, and the adjuster may even offer to settle your claim on the spot. It's not hard to accept the check. In fact, it's easy. However, it's not always the smartest approach to settling an insurance claim.

For starters, the insurance company is setting the tone and the value of your claim. The company is directing everything, and telling you what it's willing to pay. What if your property damage is worth more? Who's going to make up the difference? Is ending up with higher-than-expected costs worth the risk?

There's No Upfront Cost to Use Public Insurance Adjusters
Florida's insurance laws dictate how public adjusters are paid. We cannot charge policyholders in advance -- and we are only paid if and when we get you a settlement. This means that if we do not get you an insurance settlement, there's no charge. Since we are paid a portion of the final settlement, we have a powerful incentive to make sure that the final settlement is as large as possible. The more we can increase your settlement amount, the more we get paid.

"Wait a minute," you think. "Why would I want to pay my Marco Island Public Adjusters even more?"

True, as the settlement amount increases, our portion increases accordingly. However, our fee is just a small percentage of the total claim, and we work hard to increase your settlement substantially. Our goal is for you to net significantly more than you would have otherwise, even after our fee is factored in. 

It's Not Just About the Bottom Line
While getting a higher settlement offer is of utmost importance, using public insurance adjusters isn't just about the money. Our service is extremely convenient. We take the burden off of your shoulders so you don't have to worry about filling out forms or suffer through sleepless nights. 

You, the Insured, Must Comply with Various Provisions in Your Policy
Insurance policies contain a variety of provisions, some of which specifically state what your responsibilities are. When was the last time you actually read your policy? Would you know what to do should you have to file a claim? Are you aware of the deadlines with which you must fulfill your obligations?

Marco Island Public Adjusters will make sure that you prove all of your losses within the stated time period. We take care of everything and actively manage your claim so that nothing is left to chance.

Marco Island Public Adjusters from All Claim Solutions are on your side. Give us a call today.