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You're Not Alone When You Have Jacksonville Public Adjusters Managing Your Insurance Claim
Jacksonville public adjusters from All Claim Solutions offer comprehensive property insurance claim management services directly to policyholders. In short, we take care of your entire insurance claim.

Whether you live in Jacksonville, Florida or are an out-of-area property owner, if you're dealing with a property insurance claim, we can help with a variety of personalized claims assistance services such as:
. Claims management
. Paperwork assistance
. Damage assessments
. Damage documentation
. Loss inventories
. Loss estimates
. Insurance claim dispute / denial resolution
. Insurance settlements
. And more...

Jacksonville Public Adjusters Serve Consumers, Not Companies
You may be wondering why you'd possibly need Jacksonville public adjusters, especially when your insurance company has plenty of helpful claims adjusters and service representatives. The most important point to keep in mind is this: We work for you whereas they work for your insurance company.

Yes, they're nice; yes, they're helpful; yes, they're professional and knowledgeable. However, they may be biased toward their employer, and they're not necessarily responsible for proving your losses. That, in fact, is actually your responsibility. 

We, too, are nice, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable -- and we're biased toward you. We want to get you the highest settlement possible. We want to make sure that all of your losses are discovered, documented, and paid for. 

How We Can Help
Jacksonville public adjusters can help you with all aspects of your Jacksonville insurance claim including:
. Initiating the claim
. Policy reviews
. Claim strategy development
. Filling out paperwork
. Documenting the damage
. Uncovering hidden damage
. Proving your losses
. Loss inventories
. Estimating your losses
. Resolving disputes and denials
. Meetings with contractors and third parties
. Discussions with insurance company representatives
. Bring peace of mind of a job done correctly from the start

Jacksonville Public Adjusters' Qualifications
Many policyholders don't find out about public adjusters until after they're involved in an insurance claim. We are just as qualified as your insurance company's adjusters to take over your claim. 

For example, we must abide by all applicable insurance laws and licensing requirements. In Florida, public adjusters must be licensed and bonded, a process that requires specific occupational training, financial resources, and continuing education. 

Many of our Jacksonville public adjusters have specialized in various claim types such as storm damage claims, wind claims, hurricane claims, fire and smoke damage claims, water and mold damage claims, and more.

When it comes to property losses, there's much at stake. Shouldn't you have your own claims adjuster working on your behalf? All Claim Solutions offers a free, no obligation consultation where you can learn more. Contact us today to get started.